Terms and Conditions

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This website and/or mobile app is operated on behalf of the restaurant. By using the service you agree to this privacy policy. We may collect certain information about you when you use these services; Your name and contact details, such as email address and telephone number. Your delivery address. Your favourite order items and preferences. The following information is shared with the restaurant owner; Your name, contact details and delivery address.

We aim to deliver orders within the timeframes selected. There can be delays depending on how busy the restaurant is.

Returns are not accepted. We aim to serve you with the highest standard of service. Should your order not meet your expectations then we may refund part or all of your order or give a credit towards your next order. Should you wish to make a complaint, please contact us within an hour of receiving your order and ask to speak to the restaurant manager. Each complaint is considered on its own merit, refunds and cancellations are at the discretion of the restaurant manager.


This Restaurant is currently unavailable. Please see our opening times. Pre-ordering is available
If you, or someone you are ordering for, has a food allergy or intolerance, please visit our website before placing your order and read what the restaurant has to say about allergens here.

This document provides details of the allergens that are known to be present in our meals and also when our suppliers have advised us that an allergen may be present in an ingredient as a result of the manufacturing process. However, we produce our food in a kitchen where a wide range of allergens are handled. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that foods are handled separately, we cannot guarantee that any product is completely allergen free.

Some menu items may not be available and new products or new meal combinations may be introduced which have not been included. If you require more information about nutritional content or allergens please ask a member of staff or refer to www.wimpy.uk.com.

We would always advise that you seek guidance from your doctor or medical professional to discuss the suitability of any of our menu items in relation to specific dietary requirements.